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March 2007 flyer #2
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An Open Letter to the Voters of North Plains

The city of North Plains and its people have been a great blessing to me. I have never felt so safe and “at home.” Of course, developers feel compelled to expand our town. Money is the driving force. Some would call it greed. Nearly every yes vote on annexation has money behind it, directly or indirectly. A few would like to see our city, our safety, and our crime rate compromised. The greater good of the whole—our chosen way of life—compromised for the love of money. Every person and business that moved here knew this town's size and its customer base. If you decided to move here, you accepted this because of the great quality of life North Plains offers. If there are not enough people here for you, may I suggest moving to Hillsboro or Beaverton? Trying to change this place to your suit your “new needs” is not fair to the majority of us.

I know some folks who moved here from a bigger city because they wanted to “get away from it all.” Now they tell me that North Plains is too small and “boring.” Crime and chaos may be exciting, but many of us prefer “boring.” That's why we moved here. There are plenty of “exciting” cities to move to for anyone so inclined. Why try to make this town like the place you couldn’t wait to get away from?

A North Plains police officer once told me that it takes a certain number of police officers per capita to have a safe community and that the city currently didn’t have enough officers. He told me that if we could just build more houses, we would have more people and therefore more tax money for more officers. I was stunned at his reasoning, but also understood that this is the same reasoning used when it comes to many of the “benefits” of annexation.

Developers in the sixties had a term for paving over “rough” areas and building housing developments. They called it “progress.” Now it’s out of control. Voters in North Plains, however, have the opportunity to stand up to out-of-control development. Ask anyone, anywhere, if developers follow through on their promises. What makes us think we would be the lucky ones? North Plains' voters have spoken—THREE times. We've made clear what we want. Developers, however, will never stop trying as long as there’s money to be made. The newest proposal is in response to the voters being tougher than expected in the past. The current plan to develop a fairly small piece of fertile farmland is just to get “a foot in the door.” That would make it easier to annex the rest of the expansion area and future expansion areas. For anyone who believes otherwise, just look at the history of similar proposals, and see where they have led. A common strategy is to annex a section away from the main body of the city, so “filling in” appears to be the natural, next phase.

We hide behind the idea that “growth is inevitable.” Developers love that phrase. What about saving just ONE place from becoming chaotic and congested? What about preserving and protecting just ONE place? Almost without exception, communities that choose to give in to developers, later regret it. I urge you to not just take my word for this, but to do some research of your own. Once it starts, there’s no going back!

Dave A. Smith

Resident of North Plains


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