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March 2007 flyer #2
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HOLLOW PROMISES without the facts to back them up!

  • Benefits with no cost. There is no free lunch! True more homes mean an increased tax base. However, more homes also mean more population requiring more services, such as police and fire protection, sewer and water. We will not get additional benefits; any increase in tax revenue would be needed to serve the new population.
  • Approval of annexation will bring a new supermarket and drug store. Be realistic. There are at least eight supermarkets, a Costco and four pharmacies within 7 miles of North Plains. Even a small supermarket must gross $600,000 per week to break even. What company would risk opening a store here?
  • People in the proposed development would not cause traffic congestion in North Plains because they would use Jackson School Road. 2) The new residents would shop in North Plains. Does this make sense? The first statement is likely true because Jackson School Road would be more convenient for them and closer to shopping at Tanasbourne, Fred Meyer, WinCo and other shopping centers to the East, while the second statement is optimistic, yet doubtful.
  • Hillsboro School District will build a new school. Check the facts. Hillsboro School District has an option to purchase land in the east expansion area. However, no school is planned for the near future. A bond measure would have to be approved by Hillsboro School District voters in order to get the money to build a school.
  • More fire protection. Is this true? The fire station in North Plains is not the North Plains Fire Department; it is part of the Washington County Fire District II. Property tax dollars that go for fire protection would go to the district, not North Plains directly.

A Note From the Danny Voils Family

We, along with many of your friends and neighbors in North Plains, are proud members of NOPE. We are not outsiders, as annexation proponents have claimed. The real outsiders include the out-of-state developer, Polygon Northwest of Vancouver, Washington, and the two land speculators who own the property on Jackson School and West Union Roads.

Citizens for Responsible Growth, the land-owner and developer-funded group, has spent tens of thousands of dollars in an effort to persuade YOU to give up everything that makes North Plains unique. Why are they willing to do this? If they succeed, the return on their investment will be enormous. Yet the landowners and developers don’t live here. They’re outsiders who won’t be stuck with the consequences of their actions. Our family and yours will be left with those unfortunate consequences.

Those of us in NOPE have spent our own money and valuable time to write, print and mail fliers to tell you the other side of the story. We have posted signs that we've made and bought to show that we do not "buy" the claims made by the developer and landowners. We love our town that much.


Please Vote NO on Measure 34-141.

Use the Official Ballot Drop-off Box in front of City Hall.

Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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