NOProposed  Expansion

March 2007 flyer

VOTE NO on the East Expansion.

We already have funding for full service fire protection, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  New homes will just require MORE services.

Only the City Council can change how much our water costs, add parks and create services.  Promises made about these things and retail stores are speculation.

Having two grade schools divides the town.

The East expansion is a mile from the current City.  Filling in at the far end of the UGB will intensify pressure to develop everything on the East side.

If new residents only come and go using Jackson School road, they won’t be feel part of the City, benefit our businesses, or feel compelled to participate in our government.

New homes raise sale prices, resulting in higher property taxes.  Only increase rates are capped, not tax dollar amounts.

The land set aside for a park will need to be developed and maintained.  It will be in the new area, and completely set apart from the current residents.

Record growth last year and this has not lessened our water bills, or increased services or recreational opportunities for our youth.


NOPE (No On Proposed Expansions)

No one needs to tell you there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  We all work hard for our rent. When we come home to North Plains, though, we can let all that go.

Our small population, surrounding environment, and slower pace removes us from the stress of suburbia.  At night we can still watch the stars, and in day, swathes of birds searching the surrounding fields.  Children play safely in our parks, and attend a single highly-rated elementary school, which still has unused classrooms.  Our city is quiet, tree-filled and comfortable.

Inside our city, we can have our pets groomed and examined, our teeth and bodies cared for, our cars gassed and serviced, our mail sent and received.

We’ve got a good hardware store, as well as Pizza, Mexican, bar, and fast food.  All around us, berries, peaches, apples, cherries and nuts grow.

If that’s not enough, we’re minutes from chain stores and other services.  And these days, home delivery is comparable to in-person shopping for everything from groceries to medicines.  Best yet, we’re a short trip to Portland or the coast.

We’ve got bus service to the max and surrounding area, and free door-to-door transportation for Seniors.  We’ve got full time protection from fire and crime, thanks to the bond we passed last November.  (And they’ve got the latest equipment too, thanks to a grant from Homeland Security.)

North Plains has too many things going for it to list in a flier—from artist’s studios and galleries to zoning.  Your family probably has its own list of favorite things about our town.  There’s just too much to lose.  We can’t afford annexation.


Excessive growth threatens the place you call home.  A vote for annexation means a separate grade school, a satellite neighborhood, and extra people who need extra services.  We’ll pay higher local taxes to support bigger facility projects, extra maintenance, and more City staff.  Only property tax rates are capped, not dollar amounts, so higher real estate prices increase our property tax.

This current annexation plan puts larger lots on the City’s edge.  So to meet the State mandated average of 8 homes per acre, high density homes will be crowded near current residents.  Even our businesses won’t benefit if residents only use Jackson School Road.

The biggest costs will come in the size of the next expansion.  Current growth rates determine further acreage needed to maintain a twenty year land supply.  Our town is growing at record rates without adding more people and homes through annexation.  Nothing is ever free.  Annexation costs us all too much.


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