NOProposed  Expansion

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More reasons to vote NOPE

These annexations are only for houses. There's nothing that will generate a grocery store or other retail services. All the developers promise is one small park.

Loss of PRIME farmland. North Plains is a big part of Washington County's farm industry. Developing farmland decreases the "critical mass" of the local farm industry, and makes survival more difficult for businesses that support agriculture.

The livability costs of annexation are many. In addition to increased traffic are increases in pollution of all types, especially air, noise, and light. The incidence of crime will increase, if for no other reason than that there will be more homes and cars subject to burglary and theft.

The faster we grow now, the faster we'll grow later. Future growth rates are based on current and past rates. Grow fast now, grow even faster later.

Annexation will not necessarily lead to an increase in property values. Why would values increase? The land and housing supply will have increased and the small-town feel and scenic views will have decreased.

…but your property taxes may well increase. Residential development is the most expensive in terms of the cost of providing services such as fire and police. New schools will need to be built somewhere, and all property owners in the Hillsboro School District will pay for their construction.

North Plains will be divided. Residents of the eastern annexed area would be less likely to do business in town, especially once there's a new school. Shopping, banking, and dining in North Plains won't be as convenient for them as for other area residents.

What your neighbors are saying…

“I don’t understand why people who chose to live in a small town would want to change it.” - Sheila Hardwick, resident

“North Plains is already growing too fast without annexation. We need a slower pace of growth.” - Cindy Harmes, resident

“We moved here to get away from mass population. We didn’t want it to follow us.” - Steve Powers, resident

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Download the flyer in PDF format (70KB)

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