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Why the proposed annexation will have severe adverse effects on existing North Plains residents

The newest proposed annexation for the City of North Plains will total 24 acres.  The annexation area is near Jackson School Road and Northwest West Union Road.  So, it is quite distant from your home, and as such, you may think it will not adversely affect you.

THINK AGAIN!!  According to Don Otterman, City Manager for the City of North Plains, of the 24 acres "21 acres would be slated for a housing development by Polygon Northwest..."  According to a landowner of the proposed annexation area (Bob Bobosky), "about 140 single family homes would be built... There would be 6 units per acre, about the same density as most developments in the city".  Yet, when the State of Oregon approved expansion of North Plains' Urban Growth Boundary, "the State mandated 8.4 units per acre, including streets, parks and water quality facilities." (Don Otterman, quoted in the Hillsboro Argus)  Thus, this proposed annexation will require even more dense housing in some other part of the urban growth boundary area.  For example, if this 24 acres is at only 6 units per acre, then another 24 acres would need to be at 10.8 units per acre, to comply with the State requirements.

Where then is this high density housing going to be??  "In the periodic review documents, the State approved 40% low density, 40 % medium density and 20 % high density." (quote from Don Otterman, City Manager)  The concept was to locate the lower density at the far east end of the area, and then increase density as we move closer to the existing city...." (quote from Mayor Cheryl Olson)

Why would the city do this???  ....Because the developers want to do this!  The developers realize that high density housing lowers the value of nearby single family homes.  They want THEIR low density home values to be the maximum value possible (obviously, so they can make more money), and so they plan to put the high density housing near to YOUR homes.  Thus, it will be your homes that decrease in value and have the other adverse impacts of being near to apartments or row houses.

Most of you are aware that the Hillsboro School District is purchasing a new elementary school site near the proposed east annexation area.  Is this a good thing for existing North Plains residents???  On October 13, 2006, the Oregon Department of Education issued the eighth annual report card for the Hillsboro School District.  There are 32 schools within the Hillsboro District, including elementary, junior high, middle and high schools.  Only 5 schools received the overall rating of "exceptional, and North Plains Elementary was one of those schools.  (The other 4 were Eastwood Elementary, Farmington View Elementary, Groner Elementary and Paul L Patterson Elementary).  A common characteristic of these "exceptional" schools is the lack of students living in "high density" housing (including apartments, row houses, and small houses on small lots).  The "concept" to locate the lower density housing at the far east end of the area, "and then increase density as we move closer to the existing city...", also places this high density housing near the existing elementary school, and farther from the proposed new school.  Again, this is about maximizing profit for the developers, who can promise the new "low density" home owners a future new school, while having students from the future high density housing go to school at the existing elementary school.

Yes, this proposed annexation area is not in your "backyard", but the adverse impacts will be.  How can you "fix" this?  Reject the current proposal, then force YOUR city to make a master plan for the urban growth boundary areas, that concentrates the higher value homes near the existing city.  This will maximize YOUR home values, the quality of YOUR school and children's education, and bring affluent new residents nearer to the existing businesses of YOUR city.

M. Jamieson
February, 2007

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