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About That Supermarket...

Annexation proponents like to talk a lot about how annexation will bring a grocery store or pharmacy to North Plains.  I attended the community meeting in which the Community Center was presented.

No grocery or pharmacy retailer has been contacted or has shown an interest in building a store in North Plains.  The space that they have allocated for a supermarket is only large enough to accommodate a store the size of the Thriftway in Banks.  Safeway, Albertson and Fred Meyer are all too large.  This means that there would be no pharmacy.

There is no incentive for someone to build a Thriftway here... even if the annexation passes.  The numbers tell the story.  A store the size of the Banks Thriftway has to gross $250,000 to $300,000 dollars per week just to break even.

There is a lot of competition close by with two Albertsons, two Fred Meyers, a New Seasons, a Haggen, a Safeway, three Thriftways, a Sentry Market, and a Winco --all within seven miles of North Plains.

An independent retailer cannot compete on price with the major supermarkets because they don't have the buying power.  With Fred Meyer just five miles down the highway most people will continue to do their primary shopping there to save money.

Even if the annexation passes, an independent grocery retailer will only serve as a convenience store.  We already have three in North Plains.

I am not opposed to growth.  North Plains is already growing with three new developments already being built within the city limits that will add over 60 new homes.

What I am against is growing too big, too fast. I don't want to turn the future of our little town over to a Washington developer who is only concerned about building houses and making money.

If you still feel that you should vote for annexation, do so for the right reason…not for promises that will not come true.


Lon Snider
September, 2006

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