NOProposed  Expansion

Annexation Will Tarnish North Plains

By twice giving ourselves annexation voting rights, we’ve said growth is not inevitable in North Plains.  We, the people, will determine if, when and how our town will change.  Now is not the time to grow, no matter what outside developers and newspapers say.

Rapid internal growth has already stressed our infrastructure, and changed our town.  This year and next, hundreds of new homes will be built inside North Plains.  And we’ve already annexed land just east of Glencoe.  Now is not the time to add hundreds of new residents and homes through annexation.

Annexation does nothing for current residents.  The promised park is in the new area.  Annexation has no connection to retail or grocery stores.  Property taxes, based on neighborhood home sales, will rise as developers push prices ever higher.  Our school will be overcrowded until the District funds a new school through new taxes.  Funding for police will increase, but so will the need.  Even as infill occurs, the ballot contains new taxes for police.

Argus editors claim we’re missing “the brass ring” of annexation.  We already own the brass ring.  North Plains is a small, quiet country town where kids are safe walking home from school.  Our town is unique, and twice our citizens have said they want to keep it that way.  This time, I hope an even larger majority stands with my family and votes no on all three annexations.  Let’s not give our Brass Ring away!

D. Voils
North Plains resident

(Last updated 09/14/2006 10:11 AM)