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Time Has Come For North Plains To Keep Control Of Its Destiny

W. Clark Gallagher, in an October 13 Editorial in the Argus, states that annexation plans have been around for a decade, therefore the time has come to approve them. But why do a significant number of people believe that annexation, as proposed, will not benefit the whole community?

If annexation is approved, current North Plains' residents will lose control over their community for the next 12 years. That control will be given to a developer and the vote of four people on the City Council. The stakes are high - population will double, 720 new houses will sprout on prime farmland. There is no guarantee that commercial (grocery stores) will be viable when currently Fred Meyer is an easy seven minute drive. The new proposed development, by law, cannot pay for schools, fire, police, libraries. Current residents know they will need to pay more, because planning studies show residential growth, unlike commercial farming, does not generate enough revenue to pay for the extra services it demands.

North Plains is not Hillsboro or Beaverton, nor do we want to be. We know best what will benefit the community.

W. Mortensen
North Plains
September, 2006

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