NOProposed  Expansion

Voters' Pamphlet Statement

Please Vote NOPE on Measure 34-141

 We Need Your Vote.

North Plains citizens are fortunate to have the right to vote on proposed annexations of land into the city. Three times, within the last two years, voters have rejected measures to annex this East Property.

Now it’s up to voters to decide, for the fourth time, whether this property should be annexed.

Current development within the city is already proceeding at a quick pace.  In 2005 and 2006, 190 new lots were “permitted,” bringing the total lots in the city to about 750.

The number of dwelling units planned for this property is 105. (That’s in addition to the current 750 lots in town!)

Consider more reasons to vote NOPE on Measure 34-141:

  • The property sits alone, a mile to the east of the city.  Rejection of this measure would eliminate pressure in the future to annex the land between this property and the city; 
  • There are safety concerns due to no sidewalks or bike paths between the city and the proposed development;
  • Loss of 24 acres of prime farmland;
  • Loss of open space and scenic view;
  • The proposal does not include “affordable housing;”
  • North Plains deserves better than what Polygon Northwest, an out-of-state corporation, is offering.

When the citizens of North Plains voted on this annexation proposal last September, the measure was defeated by 18 votes.  Your NOPE vote is critical to defeat this annexation proposal again.

Please Vote NOPE on Measure 34-141.


Use the Official Ballot Drop-off Box (in front of City Hall) for free by 8pm on March 13 or mail in your ballot by the weekend before.

(Last updated 02/26/2007 05:06 PM)